OnAirWare is proud to announce the release of AirTrafficControl 9.0. Welcome to the next generation of our robust, flexible, proven Windows-based radio automation system, used by broadcasters (and streamers) of all sizes.

AirTrafficControl-Lite cleared for takeoff! OK, so you want ATC (who wouldn't?) but you don't need a lot of the stuff that bigger stations do. Maybe you only want to stream a single feed, or you are a small community station. Lighten up a little, and save some dough. The slimmed-down "Lite" version may be your answer. For details see Flavors and Prices.

Stack 'em up. It's a simple thing, but boy is it useful. We've integrated a simple "Stack-O-Players" into ATC 9.0. There were already at least 8 different ways to play audio in ATC (the on-air playlist, hot keys, triggers, real-time commands, multiple ways in production and scheduling, and... er, I know I am forgetting some) but we figured: why not add another stack? Some users want to have a handfull of cuts available to play on a whim, and they don't want to mess with schedules or other people's hot keys, etc. Sometimes it's not even for use on-air, but for a sales meeting! Whether for air, production, or office use, all of those miscellaneous playbacks can now be handled with the Simple Stack... right there on the ATC 9.0 toolbar. This initial release of the Simple Stack has 5 players. Each player remembers its file when you close the stack, so come back tomorrow and they pop right back where you left them. We will welcome your feedback on this one (as always).

More Mixing, Less Hardware. ATC can now provide a rich, studio-like performance with limited audio card devices. Maybe you have a production PC, a backup system, or even a laptop that you want to use occasionally in on-air situations (like remotes). You'll want to play multiple items, overlap those beds and sfx and whatnot on the fly as you always have with ATC... but you don't have all the hardware audio channels that you would in your air studio workstation. Now ATC 9.0 can make it work for you! When multi-channel professional audio cards are not available or appropriate, you can still get the power of ATC's multi-play capabilities utilizing DirectX/DirectSound technology.

...And Stuff. We've made lots of other improvements throughout. We now support more hardware devices (switchers, cards, etc.). We are on our way towards Windows 7 verification... Yeah, it's all good, but do you really care? If so we'll have details on our tech page.

We always listen to our customers. With your help, we think we have preserved what people have loved about ATC for all these years, scrubbed it up, streamlined, enhanced, and added the right stuff to meet your needs with ATC 9.0.