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All communications, interactive tools, downloads, transmissions, and/or information ("Communications") provided or facilitated by OnAirWare, LLC ("OnAirWare") on its website or by any other means are subject to the Terms of Use ("TOU").

OnAirWare takes reasonable measures to provide safe and secure communications and information.  As a condition of the use of the Communications, you agree to abide by rules of common decency and appropriate behavior ("netiquette"), as well as the specific rules and conditions described below.

Unless otherwise specified, the Communications are for your personal and non-commercial use.  You may not copy, re-distribute, sell, license, modify, or reproduce any of the Communications, and you may not use or allow the Communications to be used to create derivative works.  OnAirWare specifically reserves all rights to the Communications, including copyright, trademark, and any other proprietary rights.

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While OnAirWare does not sell or trade with third parties any personal information you may provide in the Communications, such information is also not considered confidential, and OnAirWare does not make any assurances of secrecy.  By providing any information, requests, suggestions, samples, software, images, artwork, or intellectual property of any kind in any form, you thereby release OnAirWare from any restrictions or limitations on OnAirWare's use of that information, and specifically disclaim any copyright or trademark infringement by OnAirWare for its use.

This TOU is in no way intended to override the rights and limitations provided in the OnAirWare Standard End User License Agreement ("EULA") or any other agreement OnAirWare may have with you.  The EULA may also apply to some or all of the Communications described here, and where there may be any conflict, the EULA takes precedence.

OnAirWare may modify the Terms of Use at any time without notice, with the most current published version superceding all others.  The most current version is the one available for viewing on our website at any given time.

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